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Advanced Meters

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Advanced Meters YES!
"Smart Meters" NO!
Smart Meters that "spy" on Americans and make people SICK 
from Microwave (EMF) Radiation and "
Frequency Pollution" are EVIL!

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Advanced Meters


Sheila Hemphill's Victory Blocking Smart Meters 

What are Advanced Meters?

For decades, utility companies had meters that were "dumb" in that they were no more than simple and basic measuring devices that measured the amount of electricity (in kWh's and KW's), water (in gallons) or natural gas (in ccf's). Each month, as many as three - sometimes more - different meter readers would come by the customer's home or business to record the meter readings from the "dumb" meter, which would be the amount of electricity, water or natural gas your business used in that previous 4 week period, or "billing cycle."  At the end of the day, the meter reader - who may read as many as 500 meters in a typical day, would turn in his/her measurements of the meters that he/she read that day to the accounting department, that would then translate the measurements he/she recorded into the consumption used for that month, which would then be translated to an invoice, that would then be mailed to the customer for the customer to pay. 

A transformation of sorts has been revolutionizing the way utility companies measure, record, bill and invoice the consumption used by the customer each month, in that today's "Advanced Meters" have now become "smart" but some smart meters also emit dangerous amounts of microwave radiation causing cancer and illness of the "customers" living in the homes with "smart meters." These smart meters also "spy" on the electric customer's. This is why we say Advanced Meters YES, Smart Meters NO!


Smart Meters 


The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters


EMF Smart Meter Radiation Levels Outside of Our Home

Radiation Blocked! Stop Smart Meter Radiation



Refuse smart meters, stop smart meters. 
What Happened to Privacy? 
"Smart Meter or Spy Meter?"


Today's Advanced Meters are capable of both automated meter reading and time of use pricing - in real time. Advanced Meters allow hourly rate adjustments and can incorporate "automated demand response" software that automatically reduces or sheds electrical loads during peak load periods. 

Electro-mechanical devices such as the "dumb" meters that were once read in a very tedious and time consuming process, are now being replaced with Advanced Meters that can transmit data about usage and demand both to the local utility and to an energy management system (EMS) within a facility. An EMS can then respond to this information and effectively manage the peak demand of the facility, resulting in a win-win situation for both the utility and the facility owners. Sub-meters within a facility can provide additional information to both parties, facilitating the identification of additional peak demand reduction opportunities. 

Utilities also enjoy the benefit of not having to pay meter readers to wander through neighborhoods fending off dogs or taking meter readers to the hospital after being bitten by a dog. Some utilities are taking additional advantage of the telecommunications connection to offer their customers Internet, cable TV, and security services as well as immediate notification of power failure. 

Perhaps the greatest potential of advanced metering is the ability to implement innovative rate structures, including time of use pricing which allows utilities and their customers to immediately (rather than seasonally) respond to variations in weather and power availability. If mid-August is unseasonably cool, customers can use more energy. If the summer temperature spikes in Washington or in neighboring states (such that less power is available on the grid and market prices spike as well), customers have the choice to respond by decreasing their use or paying an appropriate premium. This minimizes the periods when customers need to curtail their energy use, and leaves them the flexibility to determine how to accomplish this, although some utilities actually reserve the right and ability to control some of the equipment in some facilities. Through advanced metering, utilities can accomplish peak load demand, reducing the need to expand their transmission/distribution infrastructure as well as the need to purchase power at a premium rate. Customers can enjoy a utility rate that is lower overall. And, it encourages a mutually beneficial partnering between utility and customer rather than an adversarial relationship. 

One question some electric utilities and advanced metering manufacturers are trying to determine is - how smart do the advanced meters need to be? According to many within the industry, advanced meters only need to be smart enough to measure and communicate the energy use and the KW demand to the utility and the customer. This leaves it up to the customer and the utility to provide any additional "smarts" to add to advanced meters that the utility and customer can act on this information in a manner that best meets their specific needs.


Advanced Meters

Buildings of the Future  *  Net Zero Energy  Solar Cogeneration  Solar Thermal Systems

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What is "frequency pollution"?

Every day, the vast majority (> 85%) of the inhabitants of planet Earth, are BOMBARDED by multiple sources of "frequency pollution" due to the increased use of cell phone towers, security systems, "Smart Meters," Wi-Fi, wireless phones as well as TSA scanners at airports before boarding commercial aircraft.

Frequency pollution is everywhere and in every possible wavelength including microwave and x-ray. 

If microwaves and the frequency pollution from "smart meters" are causing the buildings theay are installed at to WEAKEN and cause structural degradation.... and if frequency pollution will "pop your corn," what do you think microwave and EMF radiation from Smart Meters are doing to the brains, DNA and soft tissues of unborn babies, babies as well as everyone else?!? 


Advanced Meters

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